Riva Onyx MkII Al Wrath Limited Edition Whomp Handplane

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Same Riva, all-new look. The Riva Onyx model is the Ferrari of the Garage Handplanes quiver, a culmination of decades of wave-riding experience united with the modern technologies of EPS foam and carbon fibre.

Refined rails and tail, a smooth concave through the base and gentle rocker in the nose combine to make what we believe is the very best high-performance handplane on the market.

We have joined forces with Garage Handplanes rider, Kiwi artist Al Wrath to bring you this very special, limited edition model of the Riva Onyx. Its alluring, sleek black lines and carbon weave have been perfectly complimented by Wrath’s bold yet understated graphics to create a plane that is as much a work of art as it is a performance waveriding weapon.

Al Wrath has salt water flowing through his veins, which invariably ends up pouring from his nose from his regular morning surf sessions and onto the paper in the form of stoke-fuelled illustrations, quirky captions and ocean-inspired artworks.

We are stoked to bring you this very limited edition Riva Onyx Wrath collab model. Though we have yet to take it for a test run, we’re pretty sure Wrath’s classic artwork will make the Riva Onyx perform better than ever before!



  • Broad nose template to assist steep take-offs, planing and trim.
  • Wide planing area to create superior lift, increased length of ride and enabling you to trim through flatter sections.
  • Thinned, hard rail leading into a refined diamond tail, allowing for critical hold in the barrel and on steeper faces.
  • Sculpted concave section which improves wave hold, increases planning surface and enables amazing drive.
  • The carbon fibre finish reduces weight but adds durability, increasing the plane’s versatility without compromising strength.


  • Fully adjustable, custom-designed hand strap is wider for added comfort and control.
  • Custom-designed strap plugs for unequalled strength and security
  • FCS/GoPro plug mount on nose
  • FCS/GoPro plug on hull - the optional hull fin gives increased hold and control when you need it most
  • Wrist leash to keep attached at all times

Please note: hull fin not included


High-density EPS core with carbon fibre shell. This makes the Riva incredibly durable but very lightweight – just 390g including strap.