Riva Halo Aqua Handplane (B Grade)

Size Guide


This is a B-Grade handplane (did not pass QA) and has a twisted fin plug. You will not be able to use a fin with this board. However, the great news it still performs awesomely without a fin, and is guaranteed to get you stoked!


  • Inspired by the classic Italian speedboats, the Riva Diamond Tail is a thing of beauty.  It’s the tuxedo in our line up.  It works equally well in a gnarly 10 foot line up as it does hanging on an art gallery wall.

    The Riva Diamond Tail is that rare beast that is able to blend both form and function.  The glossy aqua fibreglass and epoxy resin covers a light-weight EPS core.

    The Riva is the smallest and lightest handplane in our range.  It has a slightly broadened nose to assist with planning and wall drops, with a small amount of rocker in the nose.  The hull leads into a flat transition area for speed and a small amount of concave in the tail for lift.

    Why You Should Use A Riva?

    The Riva is light and strong.  It's made with an EPS Foam Core, covered in fibreglass and epoxy resin.  The tight rails and subtle concave make the Riva a wave holding machine.

    The board features:

    • A wide comfortable handstrap with neoprene pad to protect your hand.  The strap is easily adjustable in the water with one hand.
    • We designed and made our own handstrap plugs so there is no compromise.  These strap mounts are without a doubt, the best in the industry!  They are specifically designed for handplanes.
    • Comfortable wrist leash that integrates with the handstrap mounts
    • GoPro plug on the nose,
    • a single FCS plug on the hull for a fin (fin not included)
    • The shape is the result of countless hours of experimentation over the last 4 years.  This board is an optimal size (not too big, not too small) and is easy to swim with.  The shape reduces face splash, and planes beautifully.
  • Experience

    • Having the best bling on the beach
    • A performance handplane for speed, control and manoeuvrability
    • She’s light strong easily transportable and doesn’t hamper your swim stroke
    • Wide comfortable hand strap gives you great directional control for both swimming and surfing
    • The proprietary strap mount system integrates your hand with the board in a natural fashion
    • When a single fin is used (not included) – fantastical control whilst not sacrificing manoeuvrability. Works with the concave to enhance tail lift (hydro-planning)
  • Technical Information

    The board has been constructed from lightweight EPS Foam, giving the perfect balance of lightness and flex.  The foam has been covered with 4oz fibreglass matting and epoxy resin, finished with ultra-clear PU Gloss.

    • EPS Core
    • Epoxy Resin and fibreglass
    • PU Clear Gloss Finish
    • Single GoPro plug on the nose
    • Single fin plug on hull (fin not included)
    • Weight 400g (clean), with straps 4400g, with straps and fin 460g
    • Dimensions: 40cm x 24cm (3cm at thickest point)

    Please note: The board comes with the handstrap and wrist leash.  An optional fin adds an extra degree of directional control and wave holding ability (not included).