Palm Sled Flax Handplane (B Grade)

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This is a B-Grade handplane (did not pass QA) and has some form of defect. However, the great news it still performs awesomely, and is guaranteed to get you stoked!


  • Description

    The Palm Sled was designed as an all-round board that is equally at home in monster tubing barrels as it is on mushy 1 foot of shore dump, making you the happiest camper in the line up!
    The Palm Sled has a nice amount of rocker in the nose, leading into a flat hull for speed. There is a little extra foam in the middle which adds to the flotation. A broad rounded nose makes for an excellent and forgiving planning surface, leading into nice tight rails for superb wave holding and speed.

  • Features

    • Wide planning nose and flatter hull shape for speed
    • Narrow fish tail for reduced splash
    • Finished using a new ‘Flax’ material that is lighter and stronger than traditional fibreglass. And it looks amazing! You can read more about this material here.


  • Technical Information

    The board has been constructed from lightweight EPS Foam, giving the perfect balance of lightness and flex. We’ve used a special flax matting to replace traditional fibreglass. Epoxy resin has been used to glass the board.

    • EPS Core
    • Flax (ampliTex® light / ud flax fabric 115 gsm)
    • Epoxy Resin
    • Single GoPro plug on the nose
    • Single fin plug on hull (fin not included)
    • Handstrap
    • Wrist leash


    • 42cm long x 25cm wide
    • 650 grams