Leblon Flex Fins

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Leblon Fins was created by JSC Mauricio, a long-time Brazilian, passionate bodysurfer.

In 2014, JSC Mauricio began in Germany the development of a revolutionary bodysurfing fin that brought the latest advances in fluid dynamics to bodysurfing.

We’re happy to present to you the first and only bodysurfing fins that deliver such extraordinary propulsion, extra lift, unmatched directional control, and float in fresh and saltwater. And that is truly comfortable!

  • The FLEX provides more thrust and drive than any other fin and it requires less effort.
  • Its flexible compound allows the propeller blade and rails to bend and 
  • its buoyancyhelps your body streamline and reduces drag. 

For many bodysurfers and matsurfers the FLEX is perfect to get started into the LeblonFins experience.  It doesn´t require a high level of fitness and no transition is needed to get used to them.  The foot pocket is comfortable and fits like a rubber sock.  We predict that the FLEX will take your bodysurfing to the next level immediately.  Catch more wave and have more fun.