Barrel Monster Flax Handplane (B Grade)

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This is a B-Grade handplane (did not pass QA) and has a twisted fin plug.  You will not be able to use a fin with this board.  However, the great news it still performs awesomely without a fin, and is guaranteed to get you stoked!


A high performance handplane that offers greater control for bodysurfers who like to “Get Inside” the juice of larger swells and appreciate superior wave hugging advantage and speed.


  • Wide fishtail and flay rocker into concave hull (exit point) giving you great wall grip and speed (stops you sliding down the waves).


  • NOT looking like “that” guy on the bodyboard with no rail holding skills slipping down the face of every wave he catches.
  • Being able to hug the wall (at speed) like it’s a long lost lover with skin of phosphoresce silver.
  • Hard rails offer clean vision due to minimal face splash.
  • Wide comfortable hand strap gives you great directional control for both swimming and surfing
  • Single fin – fantastical control whilst not sacrificing manoeuvrability. Works with the concave to enhance tail lift (hydro-planning)


Technical Information

The board has been constructed from lightweight EPS Foam, giving the perfect balance of lightness and flex.  We've used a single layer of 4oz fibreglass on the hull, and a double layer of 4oz fibreglass cloth on the upper deck to give increased strength.  Epoxy resin has been used to glass the board.

  • EPS Core
  • 4oz fibreglass
  • Epoxy Resin and Flax (instead of fibreglass)
  • Single GoPro plug on the nose
  • Single fin plug on hull



  • 41cm long x 26cm wide
  • 700 grams