It’s been a long road that has led to the development and launch of a set of bodysurfing handplanes we are truly proud of. 
30 years ago, I was given my first handplane as a Christmas gift.  I’ve carried that thing with me everywhere since.  When it started to disintegrate, I started investigating replacement options until I hit on the brilliant idea of making my own.  I remember sliding down the first wave on my first ever hand-built handplane in awe.

So began the addiction of tweaking, refining, and experimenting on more handplane designs.  I started getting requests off the beach.  It was then we decided to get serious about spreading the stoke!

We’ve taken a ‘no compromise’ approach to the design and manufacture of handplanes and I’m truly proud of the result.
The shapes have evolved from much prototyping and experimentation between myself and the local bodysurfing community at Avalon.  

We've played with all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials, hull contours, tail shapes, board volume, and fixtures to develop the best possible handplane.  One of the key things we learned was that there is no true one single design - people bodysurf different (who knew!).  As a result, our first collection comprises 3 different shapes - the Barrel Monster, Palm Sled and Riva Diamond Tail.

One of the hardest areas of design was how to attach the handstrap to the board.  We trialled and experimented with many different binding systems – from sailing boat parts to snow board binding systems.  And in the end, we developed our own proprietary system that is simple, effective, and true to most surfcraft manufacturing solutions.

We are truly proud to present Garage Handplanes.