Ah, the ebb and flow of life…

These COVID years have been challenging for many of us in different ways, and that pesky virus has now taken a toll on Garage Handplanes.

With the significant impact on international manufacture and supply, plus the rising cost in materials, we at Garage Handplanes have been faced with some tough decisions. Unable to meet your demand with the same high-quality products we are so proud of, we have decided to roll down the door of the Garage for the last time and close up shop.

A small amount of handplanes and apparel remain in stock, so head to our website now to get them while you can.

It has been an incredible ride over almost a decade in business. We’ve learned so much, made many friends and shared so much stoke. Despite being shattered at having to admit defeat and close Garage Handplanes, we are so grateful for the opportunity, the experience and to all of you for your ongoing support and camaraderie.

While there may come a time in the future when we are able to reopen the Garage and return to business, for now, we bid you adieu, thank you sincerely and wish you many happy waves to come.

See you on the next swell...

Dave, Tanya, Thomas and the extended Garage Handplanes Family