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Assembling your new handplane

When you receive your new handplane, there are a few components that need to be assembled.

Wrist Leash

You can (and should) attach the wrist leash by looping the string through handstrap mount.  It has been left intentionally short so that if you let the board go in a big surf, all you need to do is extend you arm and the handplane won't be able to bang you in the face.  Attach the wrist leash on the same as your arm preference (ie. if you are left handed, attach the wrist leash to the left side mount).



The handstrap should be threaded through the board mounts with the wetsuit rubber facing against the deck.  The double sided velcro end should be threaded first, pulling the end all the way through, and then attaching itself back on the strap.  The one sided end is threaded through the other mount, and is used to adjust the tension of the strap on your hand.

Note: Don't tension the strap tight.  It should be a touch loose so that you are easily able to let the board go.  Better to let the board go in big turbulence and save your shoulder or wrist.  The leash will save the board from being lost, and extending the arm will stop the board slamming into you.



Garage Handplanes have been designed to work best with a fin, although it is still a personal preference.  To install, unscrew the small screw in the fin plug (underneath the board), and install the fin.  Gently tighten the screw to lock the fin in place. 

Note: Careful not to overtighten the screw as this will strip the thread - this is only a nylon material and the screw will strip the thread easily.


GoPro Camera

A plug has been installed on the nose of the handplane to allow you to attach a Go Pro camera. You can have this facing toward, or away from you.  As per the Fin installation, please be careful not to over tighten the screw so you don't strip the thread.  It should just be firm.



    • Your handplane is strong yet delicate, and should be treated like you would a surfboard.  Be careful not to drop or hit the handplane on hard surfaces as this can crack the fibreglass exterior.
    • After using the handplane, rinse it in fresh water and let it dry in a shaded location.
    • Don't leave your handplane for extended periods in your car - the heat can damage the handplane.
    • You can clean with soapy water and a cloth.  Fibreglass polish can be used to give it an extra special shine!