DaFiN (Distributed in Australia by World Bodyboards)

The fins that need no introduction - they live in nearly every body surfer’s floppy bucket.  Designed by Andy Cochran, one of Australia’s body surfing pioneers and water tested by legendary watermen, Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana. Road tested and owned by virtually the entire 79ers tribe!

Made of high grade 100% natural rubber, the blade is rigid for power and incorporates stiff side rails for flexion of the blade at the critical point, maximising acceleration on the down stroke. The foot pocket is soft and extremely comfortable, eliminating the need to wear foot socks or booties . 

In the water, the DaFiNs offer incredible amounts of propulsion and speed whilst not compromising for comfort.  It’s not surprising they are the official swim fin of the WSL.    Whilst DaFin are a Hawaiian company , they are actively interested and support fin-based sports in all the countries they distribute to.   In Australia they are immersed across the body surfing community and very generously supporting The Coolum Wedge.

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