Coolum Wedge Rules

General Rules

  • It is not compulsory to use hand-planes or fins.
  • Handboard design (if used): Length is a maximum of 51cm from the tip of the nose, to the end of the tail in a straight horizontal line along its deck. The width dimensions to be a maximum aggregate of 27cm. Hand gloves or a second hand-board are not permitted.** recently updated
  • A contestant may only surf a maximum of 10 waves per heat.
  • Event will be a non-priority event. However, if the judges deem a competitor is dominating the wave count in the heat as a strategy to the detriment of other competitors, they will be given an interference call.
  • Riding or paddling interference – First person in the wave has the right to the wave. If two contestants enter wave at same time, person closest to the peak has the right.
  • Interference calls will be decided by the head judge.
  • If a riding, paddling or strategic interference occurs, that wave will count in the bodysurfer’s score as a zero, and then the lowest scoring wave of their final 2-wave tally will count as a 50% score.

Notes/Rules on Entry and Scoring

  • Entry fees are $25 for Juniors and $49 per event for all other events.
  • All events except for the Mermaids are open to both genders.
  • Men may compete in one event only, women can compete in a maximum of two events.
  • Scoring will be based on difficulty, variety and style of manoeuvres as well as the flow of riding from one manoeuvre to the next and the positioning of the competitor in the critical section of the wave. Length of ride and size of wave will be additional secondary considerations.
  • Wave scoring will be done from 0.1 to 10, broken into one-tenth increments on each ride. Points for each contestant's top 2 waves will be added together to determine their final score.
  • The Juniors category will have an additional reverse-age bonus-points system. For every year the competitors age is beneath 15, the competitor will be awarded one bonus point per heat. For example, a Junior of 13 will be awarded two points plus the scores of their best two waves.
  • The Tribal Elders category will have an additional age bonus-points system. For each five-year increments above 59 that the competitor’s age is, they will be awarded 0.5 of a bonus point per heat (this value may increase  dependent on wave conditions on the day).  For example, a Tribal Elder between 65-69 will be awarded two bonuses plus the scores of their best two waves.