About Us

Garage Handplanes (Avalon Beach, Sydney) designs and produces high quality, performance based bodysurfing handplanes.

Garage Handplanes was borne of necessity. Since his youth, Garage founder, David Archer, has had a love for the ocean bordering on obsession. Receiving his first handplane as a Christmas present from his grandmother way back in the late 1970s, he was immediately transfixed by the raw power of the ocean and the sensation of gliding like a dolphin in absolute synchronicity with the wave.

Grommets grow up, good things never last and, while David’s passion for bodysurfing only strengthened, his trusty old handplane slowly disintegrated. Eager to replace his source of so much joy and finding nothing in the marketplace, he began upcycling broken surfboards, repurposing the foam cores and shaping and glassing handplanes of his own design.

Many hours spent incrusted in foam and tinkering with plan shapes and hull designs, David hit upon the perfect formula, a marriage of form and function that gave optimal lift to draw him into the wave and superior hold deep in the barrel.

From friend requests and custom orders, Garage Handplanes developed into a thriving business, serendipitously coinciding with a bodysurfing revival, more than partially attributable to former pro-surfer Keith Malloy’s seminal bodysurfing movie, ‘Come Hell or High Water’.

Geeky, quirky and unconventional, bodybashing, womping or however you might know it, bodysurfing is the purest form of waveriding and an addictive indulgence for any ocean-goer.

At Garage Handplanes we believe being inside a wave is the greatest place to lose oneself in the majesty of nature. In the surfing world - where boards reign supreme - body surfing truly is the alternative to the alternative.

Garage Handplanes
PO Box 860
Avalon Beach  NSW  2107


Garage Handplanes from David Archer on Vimeo.

Garage Handplanes is a trading name of Oxon Pty Limited

ABN 65 085 197 931