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Kpaloa fins are used by some of today's bodysurfing super-stars such as Henrique Pistilli and Leticia Parada. You can read a great review by Australian photographer Christopher Hubbard, and Uga from WaterUKnow.

  • POWER, FLUIDITY AND COMFORT. After more than a year of designing, Kpaloa innovates once more and launches a revolutionary swim fins that will turn you into a true Triton! All its design was based on marine beings of great speed and agility, after all there is nobody better to teach us about hydrodynamics than they! For the comfort, we use our highly elastic and super soft rubber formula in the foot pocket, with a high ability to mold to the foot, wearing like a glove! The entire human anatomy has been studied in detail so as to provide a perfect fit between the foot and the fin, forming a unit, as if it were the natural continuity of the body.
  • For performance, we rely on sharks, tuna-blue, blue-marlin, dolphin, among other beings that are extremely efficient at swimming to create every detail of the fin.
  • We have created an elongated flap with our ultra-rigid rubber formula for greater propulsion and fluidity in the waves.
  • Despite the size, we were concerned with keeping the fin light, and for this we used marine-based structural elements that allowed for less weight and greater efficiency in kicking power.
  • We designed keels on the sides to allow greater adhesion to the wave walls, with great maneuverability.
  • Like all Kpaloa swimfins, this model uses the well-known Kpaloa Balanced Floating formula, and also floats in salt water! This model has three strategically located drainage holes for maximum efficiency, avoiding braking forces and allowing debris flow.



  • High quality swim fins made with 100% vulcanized rubber for maximum comfort and performance. Floats in salt water.
  • This swim fins is specially designed for water surface leg kicks, providing great acceleration and fluidity. Foot Pocket made with soft and elastic rubber for maximum comfort and blade made with hard rubber for maximum kicking power.
  • Great for all ages and all levels of athletes. From beginner to expert.
  • Recommended for bodysurfing, bodyboarding and water rescue.
  • Available sizes: M (US MEN'S 7.5 - 8.5 / US WOMEN'S 9 - 10); L (US MEN'S 9 - 10.5 / US WOMEN'S 10.5 - 12.0); XL (US MEN'S 11 - 12.5 / US WOMEN'S 13 - 14); XXL (US MEN'S 13 - 14 / US WOMEN'S 14.5 - 15.5).