Go Kart MkII Onyx Handplane

Size Guide


Go Kart Onyx

The Go Kart model was conceived for competition surfing. Smaller, thinner and lighter, the Go Kart offers easy release for tricks and rapid direction changes, yet still offers more than enough planing area to get you onto the wave and down the line at speed.

The Go Kart is incredibly manoeuvrable. A pro-level board, although its smaller size makes it suitable for younger kids and smaller surfers.


  • Width and volume under your fingertips allows for increased wave-catching.
  • Gentle entry rocker gets you down the face and planing quickly.
  • Reduced size makes the Go Kart incredibly easy to paddle with and allows quick release when needed.
  • A gentle concave into a tapered pintail provide increased manoeuvrability and reduced spray and drag.
  • The carbon fibre model is a little lighter and thinner than the standard model, making it more manageable and better for high-performance bodysurfing.


  • Fully adjustable, custom-designed hand strap is wider for added comfort and control.
  • Custom-designed strap plugs for unequalled strength and security
  • FCS/GoPro plug mount on nose
  • FCS/GoPro plug on hull - the optional hull fin gives increased hold and control when you need it most
  • Wrist leash to keep attached at all times

Please note: hull fin not included


High-density EPS core with carbon fibre shell. The smallest Garage model and incredibly lightweight – just 320g including strap.