January 25, 2017

The Garage Handplanes Body Bash has just leapt up a few notches this week, the with the inclusion of some very special guests into the weekend's activities.

World-renowned as one of the finest bodysurfers in the world, ex-Pipeline lifeguard and legend, Mark Cunningham will be returning to our shores to commentate and offer his expert knowledge on competition. Tim Burnham also joins us, Tim the creator of the award-winning movie Dirty Old Wedge, which will be screened on Friday 3rd March, presented by Tim and Mark.

Added to that, all-round waterwoman, Belinda Baggs, will be competing, along with Tim, and also hosting some exclusive bodysurfing workshops over the weekend alongside former world champ, Tom Marr.

It's going to be an amazing weekend of board-free sliding!

Dates: 5th & 6th March, 2017 (Noosa First Point)

More Information at http://www.noosafestivalofsurfing.com/

Here's hoping for waves like 2014!  Here's a video of the final to raise stoke levels


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