Dukes Day Celebrations

January 05, 2015 3 min read

With just a few days to go, Dukes Day celebrations are getting more and more exciting by the hour.

Those coming to share the stoke of Duke's first visit 100 years ago when he surfed, swam and of course shared the Aloha spirit include; Hawaiian Swimmer and Bodysurfer extraordinaire Mark Cunningham, World Tandem Surfing Champions Kalani Vierra and Krystl Apeles, Former Gold Medal Olympian Shane Gould, former World Surfing Champions Barton Lynch and Rabbit Bartholomew, and Legendary Australian Surfers Simon Anderson, Belinda Baggs and Derek Hynd.

Former World Surfing Champions Pam Burridge and Midget Farrelly are event ambassadors and we are honoured to announce that one of the world’s greatest Waterman, Makaha's Brian Keaulana will be representing Hawaii along with the surviving members of the Duke Kahanamoku Surf Team –Joey Cabell, Fred Hemmings and Paul Strauth!.

Beach activities including learning how to surf, bodysurfing, surfing , a century of surfboard riding, paddleboard races, swimming and a very special re-enactment of what took place 100 years ago when Duke surfed at Freshwater . A replica of the board Duke made will be ridden by former Longboard Surfing Champion Duane DeSoto who will play the role of Duke on this very special day.

As mentioned above we are also thrilled to have World Tandem Surfing Champions Kalani Vierra and Krystl Apeles coming to share their art and aloha. Tandem Surfing was shared with Australia when Duke picked out 15year old Isobel Letham from the audience and ‘tandem surfed’ to an ecstatic crowd while visiting Australia in 1914-15.

In the rear club house hall we have arts and crafts and Ocean Friendly and Eco displays and activities. Also pick up some great memorabilia on sale all day Saturday.

The basement boat shed below the club house will host our "Talk Story" with non-stop panels talking about past, present and future subjects featuring all of the legends above, including special guest Kevin Weldon and many, many more. Go to the “Talk Story” page of the Dukes day Web site for more information http://www.dukesday.com/talk-story-schedule.html

In the old front hall of Freshwater Surf Club will be an epic surfboard display, the likes of which has never been seen before in Australia. 100 years of surfboard evolution dedicated to the loving memory of Chris Drake. Over 40 surfboards from an Ancient 16ft Olo board the Kings used to ride to the Futuristic Foil board that rides above the water on a long steel blade.

In the Park will be many ‘Duke Shacks’ exhibiting surf related items and some great food stalls.  A standout feature in the Park will be From Tree to an Ancient Surfboard -Andy Ceglinski & Tom Wegener. This demo undertaken gradually over both Friday and Saturday depicts a century old art of making a solid timber surfboard from a raw slab of timber –an Event not to be missed!

On Saturday afternoon Ziggy Mclean and Northern Beaches band, Expand and Surrender will play music before the closing ceremony with our legends final appearance, the Panasonic Duke Shorts Film Competition winner followed by the Patagonia presented award winning film A Deeper Shade of Blue, at about 7pm in the park, bring a picnic and the whole family to enjoy the entertainment.

All in all two days of a once in a lifetime event, so come out, bring the family, friends and the rest of your gang to Freshwater Surf Club in beautiful downtown Freshwater Beach and get your YA YA's OuT! Just joking....

For any further media information contact Jack McCoy (jackmccoy@bigpond.com Mob: 0419 946 598)
Duke Day Committee.
For a full schedule of events and activities please go to www.dukesday.com for details.