February 29, 2016 2 min read

Tom Marr - Garage Handplanes Ambassador from David Archer on Vimeo.

  • My name is Tom Marr, I'm 19 years old and am currently living in Brisbane, Queenland. At the moment I'm studying a bachelor of science at the University of Queensland and hope to continue with my studies to eventually become a marine biologist because I have an addiction to the ocean. I've been in and around water since I can remember; my dad first taught me how to swim when I was a baby and I've loved it ever since. I love to surf, whether it be on fibreglass, wood, foam, my belly or even the occasional McDonalds tray. There's something addictive about the freedom of sliding down the face of a set wave and putting my own style on it. It's something that I love and something that I hope to do until the day I die. In it's purest form, surfing can be so simple: a wave, a hand, a kick and a huge smile.

    This is why I love the ocean!


    Where did you grow up?

    Where are you currently living now?
    Still Brisbane

    What are your favourite local spots?
    My favourite local spot for both surfing and bodysurfing is Maroochydore.

    Do you have any other favourite breaks?
    I absolutely love Noosa when it's got some swell and also Kelly Bar at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

    What breaks are on your bucket list?
    I'd love to bodysurf the Wedge in California and also take a trip surfing through Indonesia.

    Have you always bodysurfed?
    Yes, I've been body surfing for as long as I can remember. When I was four my dad used to take me on his back to bodysurf.

    Do you ride other surf craft?
    I ride absolutely everything in the ocean, but have a particular interest in old single fin surfboards.

    How are bodysurfers viewed in your local line-up?
    Body surfers are viewed just the same as any other surfer in my local lineup as long as they are polite and respectful just like everyone else.

    What do you find cool and inspiring about bodysurfing?
    I love the freedom involved with body surfing. By this I mean that I can go into the ocean with nothing but myself and still have a brilliant time surfing.

    What’s inspiring you in the water right now?
    Currently I love how both body surfers and surfers are pushing the boundaries of their chosen sport to do incredible things.

    Where do you hope to take your bodysurfing over the next year?
    I'd love to be able to continue body surfing in local comps but it would be amazing to be able to travel to America to compete and spread the bodysurfing stoke.