Huxley Wilkinson

April 30, 2015 2 min read


  • My name is Huxley Wilkinson. I'm turning 15 and live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia. I have been bodysurfing all my life however only turned to using gear 12 months ago and since then it has became the thing that I love most. Garage Handplanes create some of the raddest designs and I feel privileged to be a part of their team.



    Where did you grow up?
    0 -4 years Heathmont, Melbourne
    4 - present Buderim, Sunshine Coast

    Where are you currently living now?
    Buderim, Sunshine Coast

    What are your favourite local spots?
    Cheese (Mooloolaba beach The Spit), Carties & Rock (Pt Cartwright), Bluff (Alex Headlands), Kawana beach

    What breaks are on your bucket list?
    The Wedge, Indo, Tahiti, Waimea Bay, Banzai Pipeline

    Have you always bodysurfed?
    I always mucked around in the waves, but then started using gear a year ago - and LOVE IT.

    Do you ride other surf craft?
    not well.....

    How are bodysurfers viewed in your local line-up?
    In general I believe they aren't even viewed, pretty much all bodysurfers aren't taken seriously, we get the scraps... but when you do get that one and show off what you can do, you get that bit of respect from the surfers and when you rock up again and again you get recognised, you get respected and at the end of the day you get better quality and more waves!!!

    What do you find cool and inspiring about bodysurfing?
    I love how bodysurfing is underground. There aren't many people that take it seriously and dedicate their ocean times to bodysurfing. Its great when they realise there is a defining difference between a "bodybash/bodywhomp" to actually bodysurfing. It's almost as if its a lost art, and i love seeing the suprised look on surfers/bodyboarders/swimmers faces when I bring that art back with spins, techniques and tricks. I love it when i find other people who bodysurf and we can compare gear and styles.

    What’s inspiring you in the water right now?
    What inspires me in the water is seeing the ability of some of the bodysurfers from around the world, from Pipe legend and excellent waterman Mark Cunningham and all the boys at the wedge

    Where do you hope to take your bodysurfing over the next year?
    Exploring new breaks with Garage Hand Planes!