April 30, 2015 2 min read


  • The body surfing culture is so embracing. A wave for one is a wave for all. It's a shared experience were having a great time is the most important outcome.

    It’s a small select few who embrace the full experience of being in the wave. I love bodysurfing because it’s not about controlling the wave. It’s not about trying to get the most air; it’s about being inseparable with the wave. Being as close to Mother Nature as you possibly can be.

    I think there has always been something about the water that I’ve always loved. Beach on Sunday has always been a tradition in our family, a tradition that has flourished into a passion for the water.



    Where did you grow up?
    North Shore (Sydney)

    Where are you currently living now?
    North Shore (Sydney)

    What are your favourite local spots?

    Do you have any other favourite breaks?
    Turrimetta, Curlcurl, Warriewood and Narra. Zach and I are beach hounds. Hunting for the perfect wave and the right break.
    What breaks are on your bucket list?
    Point Panic! Would love to swim there. And possibly Japan. Have heard some cool thing going down over there.

    Have you always bodysurfed?
    From the age of about 8. South Manly in front of the Lifesaving club on Sunday mornings is where it all started.

    Do you ride other surf craft?
    Purist bodysurfer.

    How are bodysurfers viewed in your local line-up?
    “What the heck are you doing?”

    What do you find cool and inspiring about bodysurfing?
    Everything. The sensation of catching a wave, the passion for the water, the sense of community. It’s really a religion.

    What’s inspiring you in the water right now?
    Where do you hope to take your bodysurfing over the next year?
    Definitely more competitions. Meeting more passionate people and keeping the stoke alive!